Newgioco Group (NWGI) Shows Strong Potential to Grow Business and Expand Internationally

Newgioco Group recently finalized two major acquisitions including the betting technology of Odissea GmbH The company is well established in Italy, looking to expand in the US Newgioco Group has …


Payment Data Systems Announces the Availability of Same Day ACH Debits

Payment Data Systems, Inc. (PYDS), an integrated electronic payment solutions provider, today announced the launch of Same Day ACH Debits. “We are pleased to announce our new ACH offering, which …


Monaker Group (MKGI) Set to Carve a Niche in the Alternative Lodging Market

– Monaker Group inked private placement deals with prominent financial institutions and board members – The company moves ahead with the NASDAQ listing process, as stipulated by the private placement …


Monaker Group Offers a New Approach to the Vacation Rental and Tourism Industry

The company’s primary focus is to be a business to business supplier, offering major online travel distribution companies access to its instant booking Vacation Rentals properties by way of its …


Payment Data Systems (PYDS) Shows Strength as FinTech Sector Continues M&A Activity

Payment Data Systems Inc. (PYDS), an integrated electronic payment processor, recently announced its first quarter results, which showed marginal increase in the company’s gross margins as the company managed to curtail its …


Payment Data Systems $PYDS Reports Financials, Stock Responds Positively

Payment Data Systems Inc. (PYDS), a major player in card payment processing segment, announced its fourth quarter and full year results for 2016. The financial results were a little concerning, …


The Movie Studio $MVES to Release 12 Films to India, Middle East & Neighboring Territories

The Movie Studio, Inc. ( OTC PINK : MVES ) (“TMS” or the “Company”), is a vertically integrated motion picture production and distribution company with 18 completed motion pictures, …


Payment Data Systems $PYDS Initiates Strategic Acquisition of Singular Payments

The global payment system is undergoing a tectonic change with the swift change in technology. The changes are resulting in new challenges as well as in opportunities. Traditionally, the system …


Payment Data Systems $PYDS Reports Strong Quarterly Numbers

Countries all over the world are moving towards a cashless economy. The trend is expected to gain strength as technology keeps evolving to support the large volume of transactions. Another …


The Movie Studio $MVES – Hollywood’s Newest Brand – Expands Market to China

The global entertainment sector is expected to see a lot of action this year. New formats of delivery have dealt a blow to traditional cinema viewing. The domestic US market …


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