Financial Communications Specialists

In today’s world of fluctuating markets and fierce competition for brokers’ and investors attention, companies must demand accurate financial strategies. It’s now more important than ever for companies to manage the relationship with these markets, attract investors, engage shareholders and connect with media. While most C-level officers are confident of driving their businesses, many feel frustrated and disengaged when it comes to Investor and Financial Relations. At Worldwide Financial Marketing, Inc.(WFM) we create and execute investor, financial and media relations programs focused on maximizing company valuation and expanding overall investor awareness.

For 15+ years, WFM has partnered with hundreds of emerging and established companies in various sectors listed on the NYSE/MKT, NASDAQ, OTC and foreign stock exchanges. Increasingly, innovative companies are realizing the advantage of outsourcing their investor relations and strategic communication functions to a team of experienced professionals. Our focus is on a long-term strategy of enhancing value for our clients and wealth for their shareholders.

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