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Financial Relations

Our team of senior professionals begins with careful and insightful analysis to determine how to best position a company's investment story. Based on that knowledge, we decide how to make your company as appealing as possible - with brokers' needs in mind.

We introduce companies to a nationwide broker community to boost stock activity and increase capital potential. We understand that the key to heightened interest in a publicly traded company is presenting a compelling case to brokers. They must be informed and stimulated to recommend your securities. They must understand your value proposition and how you compare and differentiate from your competitors.

What We Do
1. Equip
with specialists to introduce you to the brokerage community
2. Advise
on how you can make your business attractive to brokers
3. Initiate
lasting relations between your company and stakeholders
4. Encourage
and stimulate brokers to recommend your securities

Strategic Advisory

Micro- and small-cap public companies will find us highly resourceful in providing strategic advice concerning IPOs, PIPEs, offerings, venture rounds and mergers and acquisitions.

We conduct deep-web analysis of marketplace activity using tracking and monitoring tools and security position reports so we can provide clients with in-depth analysis of their equity trading pattern. Based on our analysis, clients can address arising concerns quickly before problems get out of hand.

Such problems cause reduction in equity value, and may arise out of such simple things as a negative article, a change in management, or an unexpected project failure. We help you keep on top of these events, and using a practical and sometimes unconventional approach, help clients mitigate them in time.

What We Do
1. Listen
to your corporate vision and determine your needs and goals
2. Analyze
your business objectives and address key events and milestones
3. Structure
practical solutions based on our mutual analysis
4. Execute
the best strategies for your business development

Media Relations

We help your company become represented across financial blogs and news sources. As a first step, we select the appropriate sources where high-quality complementary content will appear, and route these stories for publication.

This could also take the form of interview opportunities through our huge network of high-quality journalists. These interviews will appear in sector-focused, high-value media publications followed by retail and institutional investors.

We also actively assist the financial media (i.e. the journalists and bloggers) in understanding your company disclosures better, so that the final product accurately depicts news about you and is complementary to your company.

What We Do
1. Facilitate
production of complementary media content
2. Publicize
media content across all available publications
3. Network
with well-known financial and business journalists
4. Promote
lasting interest about your company online and offline


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"WWFinancial knowledge of the investment and analyst community has been invaluable as we have transitioned from OTC markets to the company listed on the NASDAQ. I wouldn’t recommend that the management of any company go through that process without the outstanding professionals at WWFinancial by your side."

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"Your knowledge of our business and industry has allowed Seafarer to effectively communicate its story to the investment community and the media. We certainly appreciate the sound advice, personal attention and professional service that you provide."

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"We had a terrific, productive relationship with WWFinancial, at a pivotal point in IsoRay’s development. The WWFinancial was highly engaged with us, personalizing their efforts to seamlessly match our philosophies and goals. They consistently put us in front of reputable investors and analysts that were relevant to our industry and size, many of which subsequently took action."

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We help you market your investment story with maximum impact and deliver your corporate message effectively

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