Payment Data Systems Announces the Availability of Same Day ACH Debits


Payment Data Systems, Inc. (PYDS), an integrated electronic payment solutions provider, today announced the launch of Same Day ACH Debits.

“We are pleased to announce our new ACH offering, which will facilitate a faster payment service that extends to all U.S. bank accounts, and enables businesses and consumers to send and receive payments and payment-related information on the same banking day through the ACH Network,” stated Larry Morrison, Senior Vice President of Payment Data Systems. “This service demonstrates Payment Data Systems’ continued commitment to enable technology that helps our customers better manage their payments.”

Payment Data Systems’ Same Day ACH credit payment option has been successfully operating for the last year, and today’s announcement builds upon the existing same day credit capabilities by adding same day debits. These innovations offer a new option to pay bills faster, and ultimately gives consumers and businesses more flexibility in their payment processing needs, as well as better cash management.

Same Day ACH debit payments enable a variety of transactions such as an urgent bill payment, same day payroll, faster payments for Internet and point-of-sale purchases, and invoice payments. Until now, all ACH debits have been “next-day” payments; that is, transactions are completed one day after they are initiated.

According to NACHA, the governing body of the ACH network, “Virtually all types of ACH payments, including both credits and debits, are eligible for same-day processing. Only international transactions (IATs) and high-value transactions above $25,000 are not eligible. Eligible transactions account for approximately 99 percent of current ACH Network volume.”

Merchants can learn more about how to transmit same day ACH payments to Payment Data by visiting the webpage at

About Payment Data Systems, Inc.

Payment Data Systems, Inc. (PYDS), a leading integrated payment solutions provider, offers a wide range of payment solutions to merchants, billers, banks, service bureaus, and card issuers. The Company operates credit, debit/prepaid and ACH payment processing platforms to deliver convenient, world-class payment solutions and service to their clients. The strength of the Company lies in its ability to provide tailored solutions for card issuance, payment acceptance, and bill payments as well as its unique technology in the prepaid sector.  Payment Data is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and has offices in New York, New York; Long Beach, California; St. Augustine, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.  Websites: and Find us on Facebook®.


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